You can wear glasses while using the Quest 2  headset. Before installing the glasses spacer, check to make sure the width and height of your frames are the following sizes:

  • Width: 142mm or less

  • Height: 50mm or less


Once you've made sure that your glasses are the right size, insert the glasses spacer into your headset to provide a larger fit.

Note: If your frames are too large for the included glasses spacer, you can shop online for third-party glasses spacers or prescription lens inserts for your headset.


To insert the eyeglass spacer:

  • 1.Gently remove the facial interface foam from your headset.
  • 2.Take the glasses spacer that came with your headset, and attach it to your headset by pressing it into place where your facial interface foam just was.
  • 3.Re-insert the facial interface foam back into place on top of the glasses spacer.

When you put on your headset with glasses, put it on from front to back. When you remove your headset, pull it forwards and then take it off.

Quest 2 Glasses Spacer